Album artwork for Alejandro Chiabrando's "Just In Time"

When we met to discuss the project, the client told me a bit about the album and how it came to be: an intense, one-week trip from Argentina to New York, himself as producer, along Alejandro - composer and saxophonist.
The album was recorded in a single 8-hour session in Brooklyn - with legendary musicians who played along some of the greatest in jazz history.
He also told me, quite vividly, how much the city's vibe and their whole experience was intertwined with the music, so I wanted to represent that as best as possible in the artwork itself. I myself feel deeply connected with the genre, since my father is an avid fan - so this was a special project for me.

Blue Note's golden age was an ineludible reference - not only for personal admiration (both musically and visually) of the label, but also considering the calibre of the musicians involved.

I used the interior as some sort of visual diary of the whole experience - using cellphone pictures taken by the client - which are revealed when the CD is removed from the tray. A visual companion to the listening experience.

When put pack, Alejandro's shadow sits quietly in the center, contemplative - maybe waiting for the next notes to cascade into his mind.