fern-weh, <noun>, orig. german
being homesick for a place you’ve never been.

FernwehVR is a new, virtual reality experience by Termotank. It is a dark and bucolic three-dimensional world begging tobe explored.

The user moves throughout the virtualspace of this world, which is specially crafted so that different soundscapes bediscovered and listened to therein.

FernwehVR does not make use of anypredetermined paths or preferential orientation; it has no plot, no directions tobe followed, and no order of operations. The user has total freedom and absolutecontrol over their virtual body.

Termotank is a project created in 2008 by Matías Brunacci and Guido Flichman.

Termotank has taken part in numerous festivals in Argentina and Latin America: among these are Festival Enlaces, RitmosRotos, Festival Equinoxio, SirveVerse,ProbetaLab, Killerdrumz, Festival Asimetría(Perú), and more.

Termotank has made six independently produced albums: Antípodas (2008), Perú(2008), Exosphere (2009), Serpiente Negra(2012), Fernweh (2015) and Hypha (2018).

video trailer

fernweh screen-1

"FERNWEH comes in this format so you can invent a spatial connection with the music."

Chris Priestman, Killscreen

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“TERMOTANK seem to have created this virtual world as an analogy to their sound - dark landscapes,clouds filled with pulsating electric charges,bouncing through it’scaves and amplified like giant drones.”

New Weird South America

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“...an immersive experience in wich both sound and vision seem to come together,interlaced in their way to the unknown.”

Anait Games

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