Otra Forma is an architecture studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
They contacted me to redesign their identity, which was outdated and no longer represented their values and aesthetics.

They have a very sleek and minimalist approach to architecture, while also incorporating classic elements and a particular appreciation for art as part of the structures themselves.
I wanted to translate this to their image.

For their logo, I tried to achieve something that could represent their name (Otra Forma, which could be roughly translated as Different Shape) as well as their approach to architecture: attention to detail, modularity an depth.​​​​​​​

mockup%20tarjetas%201%20squareotraforma_mockup_presentacion3v2otraforma_mockup_presentacion4v2otraforma_mockup_presentacion5sqotraforma mascaraotraforma_mockup_logo1v2